AFKPETS Un-official Wiki

The mod's page says that a "Book of enchanment drops from Tim, Dark Caster, Rune Wizard and Skeletron".

Material in:

Wallet drainer

Dark Mirror

Broken Space

Cthulhu Tooth Necklace

Town Bell Necklace


Portable Crystal Ball

Bloody Chainsaw

Determined Fishing Pole

Holographic Fishing Pole

Core of molecular cloud

Charged Baby

Dead Cat

Remainings of a monster

Stable Core

Portable Umbrella Effect Egg

Portable Yuki-onna Effect Egg

Portable Demon Effect Egg

Portable Witch Effect Egg

Portable Knife Effect Egg

Town Bell

Annoying Dog


Lunar Shower

Holographic Glove

Corrupter Gun

Cursed Flame Bolt

Star Hammer

Glove of Force

Katana of frost

Goner Annoying Dog

Holiday Thrower

Ichor Bolt

Lizhard Bow


Celebration of the Nature

Strange Knife


Void Katana