AFKPETS Un-official Wiki

Q: How can I get the Book of Enchanment and what is it for ?
A: Book of Enchanment drops from Tim, Dark Caster, Rune Wizard and Skeleteron. It can be used to combine some of the weapons to make stronger ones for example; Vampire Knife + Book of Enchanments + Meowmere = Vampiomere, Shadowflame Knife + Book of Enchanments + Dark Mirror = Strange Knife.

Q: Does this mod adds any strange looking ore or natural spawn bugging mobs?
A: No it doesn't.

Q: What is the Dark Fragment and how do I use it ? A: Dark Fragment is the core of ✌☼☠☜ that lives in the lunar pillars and at first Dark Fragment tries to escape from you. The Dark Fragment can be used to make useful utility items (Broken Time and Broken Space), accessories (Dark Star, and Void Runner), Void Pouch (Unlimited Ammo), a pet (Gaster), a weapon (???) and sentries (dark orb and dark star orb). More will come soon.

Q: Does this mod add things for my game? A: Yes, it currently adds 12 sentries for pre hardmode to endgame, a lot of accessories to fill some stages of game, and lots of weapons and pets.

Q: Are there any new tiles for me to use? A: Yes, there is plant pot, pokemon center PC, truffle worm statue, scarlet crystal ball (for U.N Owen was her needs), life fruit seed (drop from plantera), Plantera bulb seeds (craft from life fruit seed and 3 of each mechanical bosses souls) and Papyrus snowman.

Q: Is there any reference weapons? A: A skele-ton of them. The next update (v3) will come with another custom item.

Q: How can I find cookie box? A: You can obtain it from fishing in beach with cookiefied buff .

Q: Are there any potions in this mod? A: Yes, there are 3 custom buff potions ( life fruit potion, lizhard skin potion, cookie potion), cookie bag (endless well fed source), void in a bottle ( gives you lots of vanilla buffs but also gives you chaos state debuff.)

Q: Are there any additional recipes for vanilla craftings? A: Yes, there are some. You can craft the bottomless bucket, hermes boots, flurry boots, ice skates, flower boots and more.

Q: Some bosses despawn immediantly? A: This is a known bug for certain bosses, check the Wikia Page for more info.

If you have anymore FAQs we'll update the page regularly with any that pop up, try the Discord if you need help!