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Lore for Sentry:[]

Stories of cultists and the cursed guardian have been told for eons and still goes on but 1 myth that have been wiped from tongues and then wiped from minds as shapes on sand vanish after sandstorms. Myth is about a girl which once lives happily with her family. She is natural talented , she can feel the spirits and she enjoys her struggles to understand the will of nature so called magic. One day she feel something strange on her heart. Something screams with pure agony and pain and she decided to follow this unnatural but spirtual feeling. She walk for hours and then she find a filter. Since she is thirsty and tired, she ask for help. She knocked the door kindly and then an old man oppened the door. That man looks suspicious but her heart is so innocent that she feels anger to herself to just judge a man from his appear. That old man helped her but for a cost, her life. She falls asleep after she drink a glass of water which filled with sins of a nation. After she wake up, she find her in a prison with lots of innocent woman. It seems this place become cursed after the lust for power become stronger than hopes and dreams. She feels scared after she witness one of the rituals. In this place for making the guardian stronger innocent women are sacrified and ancient artifacts wash with their blood which contain their pure feelings. A person with evil smile has comed and he take her as for sacrifice. She is bounded with rusted chains and only thing that she feels is hatred to this rotten culture. Cultist of Skeletron put her in sacrificial altar and then they start to sing their cursed lullaby. One of them bring a sacrificial dagger to stab her from her heart to make another innocent woman die in pain but they don't know one thing, hatred of her that she start to fell after she see lots of innocent people die in this cursed place. She shouted an ancient spell that her father told her as a last responce. She tried to teleport but she failed. She stabbed from her hearth and she start to lose blood with her consciousness but her soul is refused to die. The magic that she loved help her and she opened her eyes in a new form. With her will to live and take reverenge of fallens, she return a monster with making soul of fallen free. All fallen women ripped the meat of the cultists as smiling madly with fun of killing. One last cultist summon her master and he prison their souls in a pocket dimension. Now these women in the command of her wait for return and rip this rusted culture once and for all.

???'s Lore:[]

Once upon a time there was an ancient tribe which lives near to the mystic lake of the forgotten lands. Their spirit and culture shaped with the behaviour of these water. Because of this when someone loses its life they drag its vessel into water and they watch the movement of vessel on water thoughfully and sadly. Vessels are not moving with the waves, but they move with the hopes and dreams of the fallen. This cause mystic water accept their soul and make their shattered soul reborn in the form of bubbles. These bubbles flow to the heart of the water and they also build their cult. One day a beast have broken this peace. It hunted the humans only for fun and it throw their bloody corpses into water. This return the soul of the lake fill with agony and vengeance of the fallens and one day one brave bubble which has formed with the dreams of a commender go to hunt the monster. It nearly killed him but it succeed with the power of the both humans soul and lakes will and after that time lake shared its magical power and tribe awarded it by forging him a armor from gold. It become the tiny guardian of the lake. The peace is reformed for few year until a kindom near to this tribe wants to hold the power of the lake. It send mercyless armies and they massaccare all of these people and their pain return bubbles filled with agony and vengeance one more time and all of them attacked these invaders with their hero but since a tiny droplet of water cannot extinguish the burning forest they all popped out and their hero caged into a tiny magical box and it bringed to the king. With the wicked smile of the king it popped in unholy flames and this sadness made lake lost its power and these waters return into normal water but legends say that an ancient warlord eons ago used these mystic water for its drink and still that drink carries all of the hope of bubbles and part of soul of the ancient guardian.