AFKPETS Un-official Wiki

There are 100+ pets in AFK's pets all of which are listed here in alphabetical order. A majority of these pets are obtained from gift bags, however no official drop rates have been given. This list includes the "Special Pets" which must be summoned manually and cannot be equipped (Note that in some cases Z's have been corrected to S's)

Ancient Bell

Ancient energy stabilizer core

Ancient Helmet

Ancient Katana

Ancient Mage Hat

Ancient Mask



Black Bell


Blood Crystal

Blood Dye

Blood Soup

Blood in a Flask

Blood in a jar

Blood Potion

Bloody Bass

Blue Etherian Mana

Blue Feather

Book of White Magic

Bottomless Mud Bucket

Box of Bones

Broken Hammer

Cinnamon Pie

Cloud Strife Doll

Crystal Bass

Crystallised Green Etherian Mana

Dark Crystal Ball  

Dark Flag

Dark Gel

Desert Core

Dog Cookie  

Dried Bass

Ellen's Diary

Energy Heart

Explosive Jam

Eye in a Glass Jar


Flesh meat

Flower Necklace

Forge Hammer

Friendship Cookie



Giant Shell

Giant Sword

Gohei Stick

Gold Feather

Golden Freddy Plushie

Golden Bonnie Head

Golden Carrot

Golden Ring

Golden Smash Ball

Green Onion 

Gross Sac

Guide's Autopsy Report

Hamon infused hat

Ketchup Bottle

Koopa Shell

Life Squid

Living Flame

Magician Hat

Magician's Book

Masterball (#382)

Masterball (#251)

Mechanical Key

Metroid Capsule

Music Cd

Overfrozen Crystal


Pink Umbrella

Pokeball (#218)

Pokeball (#258)

Pokeball (#303)

Pokeball (#83)

Pokeball (#92)

Portable Demon Effect Egg

Portable Knife Effect Egg

Portable Umbrella Effect Egg

Portable Witch Effect Egg

Portable Yuki-onna Effect Egg

Purple Etherian Mana

Red Feather

Red Paper

Red Yarn Ball

Rotten Bass

Scarlet Orb

Shadow Prism

Shanghai Doll

Shy Guy Mask

Sledge hammer

Soul Contract Parchment

Special Mushroom

Stable Core

Stack of Five Apples

Strange Monitor

Strange Owl Plushie

Street sign

Suspicious Looking Cookie

Suspicious Looking Egg

Suspicious Looking Eyeball

Suspicious Looking Gem

Suspicious Looking Snowpile

Tem Flake

Ten second timer

Tifa Lockheart Doll

Time Controller Watch

Totally Normal Bone

Triforce of Courage

Uboa Doll

White Feather

Yellow flower

Yume Nikki