AFKPETS Un-official Wiki

Unnamed item[]

Rare ("2%") drop from any of the bosses that have >66666 hp (including ML) while having equipped ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN or his better versions.

Works as a duplication item (hilarious and original): place any item in the first slot of the first bar of inventory and just use this "item". wow. The item will not however duplicate stacks making it not possible to mass duplicate the item, but it can duplicate itself which will only give you one.

Eye of ???[]

Drop from Tim

Material in Aurora's Third Eye

Death's ???[]

Rare drop from Pumpking during the pumpkin moon only.

On normal use it just kills you.

When used while having Guide Voodoo Doll in your inventory, it slays a Guide and gives a Death Coin which you can exchange


Place the Portrait of Markov in your inventory and use this ??? during the blood moon AND when a party girl is alive, in which case you'll get a Yuri's Eye

???'s eye[]

Drop from Present Mimic

Satori Komeiji pet

Heart of ???[]



Station - Ancient Manipulator


Death Coin

The Real Knife

Heart Container



Basically, a magic panic button


Station - Ancient Manipulator


Book of Enchantments

Dark Fragment

10x Soul of Might

10x Soul of Fright

5x Luminite Bar

??? effect egg[]


It is formed from the nightmares of an innocent soul
Can be craftable after Lunatic Cultist while ???
'From 100% to 80% life your melee,magic and summon damage increase by 5%
and it increases maximum number of minions 1.'
'From 80% to 20% life your melee,magic and summon damage increase by 15%
,maximum number of minions by 2 and you randomly gain one of the effects from dream world.'
'From 20% to 0% life your melee,magic increase by 15%, summon damage increase
10%, increases maximum number of minions 3, defence increase by 10 and Uboa enrages.'


Station - Bed (yes)


Yume Nikki

20x Soul of Fright

20x Soul of Might

20x Soul of Sight

100x Soul of Night

Craftable ONLY if you have "Cursed" debuff (just pick up your bed and go to dungeon for some cursed skulls OR craft Skull Statue and spawn them manually)

Material in Delta Rune

??? in a bottle[]

Drop from Nightmare Lunatic Cultist


Orb of ???[]

Rare drop from Plantera's Shadow

Fun mode-only

Sariel pet