AFKPETS Un-official Wiki

'It allows your body to shatter in space.'

On use gives the "Void Core" buff (5 hours), which makes your abstract biome location {for the items like a biome tokens from the other mods} an EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. simultaneously, which is _probably_ good for fishing, i guess?


Station - Ancient Manipulator


Core of Beach

Core of Sky

Core of Corruption

Core of Crimson

Core of Dungeon

Core of Desert

Core of Underworld

Core of Hallow

Core of Jungle

Core of molecular cloud

Core of Snow

Core of Mushroom

Core of Meteorite

3x Dark Fragment

Protip for obtaining most, if not all, of the cores: just summon goblin invasion (i think it'll work with other invasions too, it's just specific that all mobs of invasion walk on feet so they can spawn on floating arenas with multiple rows), build specific arenas if you need to, and then proceed to killing the mobs from invasion (and spam "Vacuum Items" from cheat sheet). 100% drop. Maybe you can even move between biomes to try and get some more cores for 1 invasion.

I think they drops only in hardmode. And please, don't try and farm the meteor heads.