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The Wedding Ring is a craftable Pre-Hardmode acessory. When equipped normally, it does nothing, but if you are married with any of the "marriable" Npc's, it will grant specific buffs depending on the Npc.


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Gold bar (5)


Crafting Station

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Iron Anvil


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Lead Anvil

Marriable NPC's[]


it can be used to "share your heart" to the Yandere . When you speak to the Yandere when you have a Ayano's Love Letter in your inventory, a new option will appear on her dialog box, entitled "Give her letter". When you select said option, the yandere will say:

"Blushes Did you read all of it senpai? That words are only fragment of my love. If you accept I want to share my heart with you but I want it to be how I dreamed. In my dreams I wear a bride costume as white as swans so could you find it for me?"

That indicates that you need a Wedding Set, obtained from The Bride. After you obtain the wedding set and click the letter option again, a new option will replace the "Give her letter" entitled "Give her wedding dress". If you click that option, the yandere will say:

"Blushes Senpai that's as white as your heart. Looking at it only makes me love you even more. Now could you bring me a wedding ring and finally let us become a perfect couple?"

Now, that indicates that you need a Wedding Ring. After you craft the ring, bring it to the Yandere, and a option will appear, entitled "Give her both your heart and ring." After that, the Yandere will say:

"That looks as elegant as you. Thank you and I accept you as my couple. Please afetr you finish your job let's settle into a place that consists of only me and you."

And a heart will fly upwards, exploding into confetti. If you equip the Wedding Ring after that, it will give you the Heart of a Killer buff.